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Ηaving an environmental awareness, our company, DeliBlossoms proceeds to recycling in the plant area and uses PolyPropylene (PP) packaging.

PolyPropylene (PP) is 100% recyclable. It consists of carbon and hydrogen and it is burned without producing toxic fumes (it produces carbon dioxide and water). It can be recycled, incinerated or buried in the ground without polluting the environment. It has the number “5” and it is reused for food trays in the microwave oven. It is suitable for short-term Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). It is ideal for refridgeration, envrironment temperatures as well as higher temperatures usch as heating in microwaves.

Recommended usage temperatures: 0°C to +125°C.


DeliBlossoms shows its sensibility effectively in social solidarity issues. We support vulnerable groups, we donate food in many food lines in Thessaloniki and our staff consists of many women of various ages, coming from unemployment. We stand beside Greek producers, as we receive raw materials from them daily. We effectively support our community.

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