Vine Leaves

Aid to proper operation of the intestines, reduce the risk of the large intestine cancer, contrbute to reduction of cholesterol. Low glycemic load 1, that is particularly important for diabetics.


Low plant fibres content and fats mainly consist of Ω-3 fat acids, that are considered as proniflammatory. It does not contain many calories, cholesterol or fat and it is low in sodium.


A pleasant aromatic herb, rich in vitamins, antioxydants and plant nutrients. Particulalrly good against cholelithiasis, antispasmodic, relaxing and good for digestion.


They reduce blood pressure and contribute to the heart’s health. They have anti-cancer and antioxydant properties, anti-platelet and anti-thrombosis actions, and contribute against asthma with antibiotics results. They contribute to reducing cholesterol of the blood and increase good cholesterol.


Digestive, antioxydant, anti-cancer and anti-thrombosis properties. Helps for the proper operation of the nervous system and memory. Good against indigestion and various stomach diseases.


Rich in vitamin C and flavonoids. It reinforces the body’s defence againts infections. Antibacterial properties and anti-cancer action.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Anti-cancer with anti-inflammatory properties. Protects against heart diseases.

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