Payment Methods


The payment pf the ordered products will be performed either in cash upon reception, use of debit / credit card or via online payment.


In case the user elects to pay the order via online payment, he/she must enter his/her card’s info. The online payment via card is performed by National Bank of Greece.

Deliblossoms has taken all technical measures required to secure the transaction and it does not keep the card info in any way. However, the users must ensure that the environment through which they perform the transaction is safe and that there is no risk of data leak. In any case, Deliblossoms shall not be responsible if the user’s network or computer is not secure and may lead to data interception. To secure the transaction, upon entering the card info, the user will be redirected to a secure environment where data is encrypted before being sent so that it is not readable by third parties, and this is a security mechanism for online transactions. Then, the user will be asked to add a code sent via SMS on the mobile phone he/she has registered. The code will be valid for five (5) minutes.

Upon the user’s proper information, Deliblossoms will proceed to charging the total amount and to release the initially reserved amount. We inform that the release order is sent immediately after charging the total amount on the card. Deliblossoms has no responsibility for the final release of the amount and its entry to the account of the customer, as this depends on the procedures of each issuing bank.
In case of order cancellation and within three (3) working days, Deliblossoms will proceed to release the amount. The said amount will be available in the user’s account based on the terms of the bank that has issued the card.

In case some products have not been received by the user either because they are not in the state required according to the company’s practice or due to the fact that it is a replacement product, a credit shall be issued and then Deliblossoms will proceed, within three (3) working days, to release the amount from the card used to place the order. The period of availability for the amount in the user’s account depends on the bank that issued the card. It is explicitly stated that in case of credit issuance, cash may not be returned.

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