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Traditional ~ Handmade ~ Healthy

Our company, DeliBlossoms, has been established on May 2012 in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece. The idea was born from the love of Stavroula, the owner, for good home-made food. All our products are hand made, each one rolled by hand, using fresh and pure materials coming from farms around Greece by Greek producers.

We are proud to share with you healthy, balanced and delicious products, according to the traditional Greek recipes. Delicacies based on the Mediterranean cuisine. Vines leaves yalanci, zucchini blossoms stuffed with rice and pine nuts, zucchini blossoms stuffed with PDO feta cheese, cabbage leaves stuffed with rice.





DeliBlossoms innovates by introducing the MGM-SAV VUOTO GAS L to its lineup, providing us the ability to expand the lifespan of our products without any taste alteration.

MGM-SAV VUOTO GAS L is a thermal tray sealer, suitable for vacuum packaging and able to spray inert gases within the package.

Manufactured and designed in Italy, made from stainless steel, equipped with a gas spraying system for modified atmosphere, with a vacuum pump able to produce 40m^3/h, with an automatic film placement on the tray, an electronic vacuum control, 5-program memory, beeping indication for operation cycle termination and pneumatic operation. Glueing round the mold dimensions and cutting of the excess film, with rapid change in both sides.

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